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I&I Sling, Inc. specializes in Rigging Solutions. Since 1963, we have been committed to our valued customers by providing quality products and unmatched customer service. We exist to serve our customer base which includes the utility, construction, manufacturing, shipping, salvage and military markets. I&I Sling's commitment to providing quality products was certified in 1996 when we became the first Crosby Distributor to achieve ISO accreditation.

I&I Sling is part of the Slingmax® Rigging Solutions Group that has 90 locations worldwide. Innovative Slingmax Products, such as the Twin-Path® Extra Sling, prove to enhance job safety, improve productivity and save the users money. The Twin-Path® Extra sling with K-Spec® High Performance Core Yarn is capable of lifting up to 300 tons each (larger sizes can be fabricated). K-Spec® core yarn is so abrasion resistant that testing has shown it to exceed catalog breaking strength after 50,000 cycles!

NOTE: For questions regarding inspection, care and use, or other products, please contact your local I&I Location.

Twin-Path® Extra Slings vs. Not “Equal to” Slings: See the Difference!

50 Year Anniversary